Animal Friends

We instinctively use nonverbal communication from the time we were born but later this ability deteriorates.


The photos of each child alone portrayed a tranquil, solitary, silent ideal, which was not the whole story. The visual record erased the reality, the obvious presence of adults. Adults misrepresent or misinterpret that beautiful of stillness of children when vivid impressions are being organized into happy memories or creative responses. During the intervals I spent photographing and videotaping at the urban zoo, I recorded voices of adults directing the children, “Look!” or  “Look this way!” and maneuvering the children to a specific position or exhibit. These adults did not appear to engage the children in discussion about the animals or the feelings they evoked.


When I shot video and stills of the animals I chose formal strategies that would reflect some of the subtle levels of communication.  The non-human creatures connect directly often meeting the intense stare of both the children and my lens, but their communication remains non-verbal. The video of animals at the zoo presents their ordinary activities. 

© 2018 miho suzuki